• About us

    The Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in the Netherlands

    Introduction to ACSSNL

    The Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in the Netherlands is sponsored by the Education Sector of Chinese Embassy in Den Haag. It is the only legally authorized Chinese students’ association in the Netherlands. The association is officially registered with the Dutch Ministry of Commerce (Registration code: 27188419, Registration name: Studentenvereniging van Chinese Studenten in Nederland).


    The objectives of our association are:

    1. Constantly improving Chinese students’ experiences in the Netherlands.

    2. Representing Chinese students’ voice effectively to Dutch society and beyond.

    3. Supporting Chinese students’ academic and social wellbeing.

    4. Providing opportunities for the integration of Chinese students in Dutch society.

    5. Promoting cultural understanding and exchange among Chinese students, local Dutch students and other international students.

    Structure of ACSSNL

    ACSSNL is governed by the General Branch and through a formal structure of which the most senior member is the President. We have a strong local association structure ensuring students are heard in all aspects of life in the Netherlands. ACSSNL enjoys a constructive relationship with various academic universities and universities of applied science. It is respected by them as the voice of Chinese students and scholars. The local associations put forward students' views to the universities and the wider community whilst the General Branch oversees the services of local associations.


    ACSSNL is Chinese student / scholar led and has developed a democratic structure designed to ensure that the views of Chinese students and scholars are heard and represented effectively. Every two years, member elect a General Branch to represent the interests of 17 local associations. The nine/ten elected members are supported by and work with local associations to set the strategic direction of ACSSNL and oversee all ACSSNL affairs. Based on that, student activism is thriving in the Netherlands. Outside the university we have developed a close cooperation with Chinese Alumni Network and Chinese mass media.